School Spirit Week is coming up!


A school spirit poster hanging on a wall at NC shows the different days and dress-up designations for Spirit Week.

Leland Domosley, Reporter

School spirit week is starting on the 15th of November. On each day dress-up activities will happen at the school, and both staff and students can enjoy. The fun will go from the 15th to the 19th.

On Monday students are encouraged to dress up as some of their favorite Disney characters. It will definitely be fun to see all the magic in the air when people dress up. Some might even show more of their inner child.

Tuesday will be sidekick day, where students can become any character’s sidekick. These can include being Robin from Batman or Chewbacca from Starwars. All of these sidekicks will be ready for action as they march through NC’s halls.

On Wednesday students can dress to the nines. NC will be flooded with people in tuxedos and gowns since they’re going for a fancy look. Everyone will be in first class outfits, looking elegant, like they are ready for a dance.

On Thursday it will be thrifty Thursday. Get some nice old clothes on. Thrifty means old but cool. So as long as you can get a good deal on it you can dress in it. All the students will definitely have a nice time showing off their old clothes.

On Friday, the last day of spirit week, it is time for face paint. Get ready to show up with some cool colors and patterns on show. Students can have a type of animal mask painted, show off the school’s colors, and so much more. All those pretty colors will definitely be shown since it’s usually the most popular spirit week activity.

These events will be held only for this one week of the school year. It can be a nice change of pace since it can get boring here after following a routine for too long. Charles Brough, a student at NC, says that his favorite part is Face Paint Friday. “It’s very cool and relaxing to just hang out while dressing up. Definitely helps you make some friends too.”