NCHS students display art at the Wyoming State Art Symposium


Calla Shosh

This piece by Braydin Sisco is called Self Actualization. According to the artist statement, it is a portrait of Sisco’s sister. Sisco says that ” I want to inspire others to reach for their fullest potentialand to find ways to work around their negative feelings and imperfections.”

Calla Shosh

NCHS students celebrated the arts at the Wyoming High School State Art Symposium from Wednesday, April 20th, to Friday April 22nd. Students from all across the state displayed their artwork at the event center. Students displayed a variety of 3D and 2D pieces created with a variety of mediums. Many art students have been working on their state art piece for much of the year.

realistic snail sculpture.
Titled “Insecurities”, this snail was sculpted by Elbe Frederick. This piece won a 3D Artistic Discovery award at the Wyoming High School State Art Symposium. (Calla Shosh)

Seniors had the opportunity to have their portfolios considered for scholarships during the symposium. Elbe Frederick, an NCHS IB art senior and a scholarship winner, explained the process. “So first you make a portfolio and then you submit it to the committee and out of how many students applied all over Wyoming, they choose twelve and then out of those twelve, six people get chosen.”

Brown and gray portrait of a girl with long hair and glasses.
This self-portrait by Emma Swan is titled “Me, Myself, and I.” It was done with Conte. (Calla Shosh)

Some NCHS art students also helped to set up and take down the Wyoming High School State Art Symposium. This involved setting up the walls and hanging their artwork, as well as taking down walls at the end of the symposium.

Sculpture of human body parts with price tags.
“Pounds of Flesh” by Clara Eggemeyer was another blue ribbon winner. According to the artist’s statement, this piece deals with body modification. This piece was inspired “Limbsons,” a painting by Jessica Ledwich. (Calla Shosh)

Blue ribbons were also awarded to some of the artwork on display. The NCHS pieces from the State Art Symposium will be displayed at the Nicolaysen Art Museum (NIC). According to the Nic’s website, the Grand Opening for the exhibit and for the Fifth Grade Art Show is on May 5th from 5-7pm. There will also be a taco and nacho bar provided by Fuzzy’s Tacos.