Band rocks the stands and the home field

The NC Fighting Mustangs Marching Band always starts the Friday night crowd out on a good note. But many fans don’t know what goes on behind the scenes to produce a good show for the stands.

At NC’s home game against Rock Springs on September 30th, the band’s efforts were in full display. To start things out, they played a song named “Buzz” to get the crowd ready for the game. After this, the band played the National Anthem. Once they were done with their pregame set they went up into the stands and started playing short and fun tunes in between plays to mark different events like a 1st down, a touchdown, a turnover, kickoff, and other events that were in Natrona’s favor. 

The sounds from the Band section are always a highlight during the game play, but it’s halftime that music enthusiasts really look forward to. It’s always interesting to see what the Band program has in store. The September 30th performance had been planned months before. “Brainstorming over the summer, we did some HBCU music like the historically black colleges and universities. They have a different kind of band sound, the traditional sound,” said Mr. Shawn Weis, Director of The Fighting Mustangs Marching Band. Mr. Weis coordinated the band’s movements on the field by enlisting the help of another local band enthusiast. “We actually have a guy that I go to and I give him the music and tell him kinda what we’re thinking. It’s Kurt Gilbert, owner of Hill Music here in town.” 

The band started by marching on the field, and then began their performance with a song named “Buyo.” That started with the Pain in the Brass Band and drumline. The wind instruments marched forward and then took a step. Once the band took that step they joined in the music they held their position for 4 measures or 16 beats. Then split in half creating two blocks of winds one each side and then came to a hold. As soon as they came to a hold the drumline started to move back up with the winds. Once the drumline stopped the winds moved up creating an arch in their pattern and then came to an end of the song. All these intricate moves must be practiced over long hours after school, but the effect was seamless, as could be heard from the applause of the crowd.

Their next song was called “Best Things,” featuring a baritone saxophone solo from Bryce Hebert. The various marchers executed a pinwheel move where they made quick lines on every ten yard line and went to the opposite side they were on before. Then the band came back in and finished off the song, then ended with the NC school song, which is “important for Mustang pride,” said Mr. Weis. 

The NC Fighting Mustang Marching Band is an important part of our school. They buoy our hearts when things might not be going our way, and they help us celebrate when we reign victorious. They are the fighting spirit of our school.