FFA Week has lots in store for NCHS


The green hand is a symbol of the the commitment new members make to the guiding principles of FFA.

Leland Domosley, Reporter

The 22nd to 25th of February is FFA Week. FFA (Future Farmers of America), is an association that helps students develop skills to help lead and teach others in the agricultural field. Ms. Sharp is the Agriculture teacher at NC and also the FFA adviser.

One of the most anticipated activities is the Greenhand Banquet, held tonight at 6:30pm at The Hangar Bar and Grill. All 9th graders or higher who are taking their first agricultural class will be able to get their greenhand degree and have a meal together. The public is invited to attend, eat dinner, and participate in a labor auction in which FFA members will be auctioned off for 8 hours of labor. The money these students get from the auction is used to fund future agricultural projects.

Some of the smaller activities throughout the week include a teacher appreciation breakfast from the students and dressing up for each day in a theme. These themes include dressing up green for the greenhands, or corn gold and blue for the two colors of FFA. Any project big or small helps bring awareness to agricultural education.  

On the 24th there will be the Peach Basket assembly where FFA members will be on the floor demonstrating fun activities anyone can do to dive deep into the agricultural experience. Some events include peach bobbing, using balls that look like horses to race, and having a teacher kiss a cow for fundraising. All FFA members hope all students and staff at the assembly will enjoy the event. Jonathon Danford, the parliamentarian of the FFA, explained “I really hope people like the event, after all the hard work we put into it.”