Green Acres Corn Maze Open to All Ages

students pose behind a tractor cutout, with only faces visible.

Students Crystal McCarty, Eli Wharton, Jane Wilson and Jonas Blank pose behind the tractor at Green Acres Corn Maze. The attraction included lots of activities besides the maze, including a petting zoo and apple launch. “I wish they would have let me take a bite out of the apple before launching it,” said NC student Ramsay Myers after a recent visit.

Crystal McCarty, Reporter

Every Saturday and Sunday until Halloween, the Green Acres Corn Maze is open from 10am to 6pm to the public. Activities include: a petting farm, apple cannons, an air pillow, a pumpkin train ride and of course, the corn maze. For kids under 12 the price to get in is $10, people over 12 is $12 for each person. Kids under three are free and it is a very popular activity for teens, families and children. 

Even with all the activities at Green Acres, the maze itself is always the main attraction. “This year we have done a dinosaur maze. It is a big hit with the community, especially the children,” said the owner and operator of the maze. “We have been corn making for 11 years and we design and create a new 10 acre maze every year.” Each year they change it up and have different activities.

 More activities are hosted by businesses around town. The obvious, all-around activity on Halloween night is Trick or Treating. As high school students it might be a little odd for teens to go around to houses and neighborhoods, but having fun on halloween night is what it’s all about. Dressing up and being with friends is an opportunity for a good time. Getting and eating too much candy, watching scary movies or going to a party makes the night memorable.

Even for someone that doesn’t really know what to do for Halloween, Casper is a place to spend time with friends and family, get lots of candy, and to just make the night memorable and fun. Lots of businesses and places around town are giving people from all ages a chance to dress up and get candy. Casper has a lot to offer. Keep that in mind when going around town. Mr. Downs, an assistant principal at NCHS, shared his plans with his family for this night. He shares, “I’m going to take my daughters trick or treating, pass out candy, and play pranks on students that come to my house,” watching out for his house would probably be the best option honestly.

Other events around town:

Trick or Treat Parade at Old Town Family Fun

At Old town, on Saturday, October 29th from 1-4pm there will be a parade around the business with cool costumes and a chance to get some candy.

The Villains Halloween Party at the Void with Dream Upon a Princess

On Saturday, October 29th from 5-6:30pm there will be princesses, villains, and other peers having a fun party at The Void. Child tickets are $6 and they will have to have a chaperone.

A Hocus Pocus event at the Nicolaysen Art Museum

Saturday, October 29th from 11am to 5pm. There will be spooky crafts, a makeup demonstration and halloween vendors for all ages to complete or participate in.

A Feast and Fright at Racca’s Italian Restaurant 

The last Friday of October, the 28th, Raccas doors will be open at 6:30 for a haunted dine-in fundraiser, but there is a fee to get in: for individuals it is $55 and for couples it is $100. There will be tarot and palm readings, creepy menus and food, and an all-around unsettling experience.