Senior Plans

Emily Conaway-Walters, writer

There is less than half a year until the seniors graduate. This means there are only four months of the seniors’ high school experience left. The biggest question for the seniors is “what’s next?” Many also wonder how graduation will be affected by Covid-19. A lot of seniors have no idea what to do next, and as the time gets closer and closer they feel more pressured to come up with an answer. 

The seniors had their junior prom cancelled due to the start of the pandemic last year. Now their senior year has revolved around the virus. The pep rallies, Football Ball and Prom have all been taken away. Many high school experiences that seniors look forward to aren’t possible this year.

According to Skyian Janeaux, a senior at Natrona County High School, his plans after high school are to work for a year or two then go to college or trade school. He wants to either go to college to become a game warden or go to trade school for mechanical work. He said he “wishes school could go back to normal.” Janeaux said the biggest changes are no dances– especially senior prom– and most likely graduation.

After high school is when a person’s adult life starts. People start moving out, paying bills, and living life on their own. In school, students don’t learn much about paying bills or even about building credit so that they can sign contracts. This adds stress and pressure on new adults. After high school people gain more responsibility, but they also get more hours of free time to do things they enjoy.