How New Students Vote

Since there were some new students in school ready to vote, some might not have known how to vote and might have needed some assistance on what to do. Voting could have been very difficult especially with everything that is going on and with all the ways to vote, but it really depends on what students want to do.


The ways to vote vary from voting by mail or voting in person. If students had wanted to vote by mail or in person they must have been eighteen years of age or older and get registered. They could have registered the same way, by mail or in person. If students were registering by mail they should have signed the oath on the form and include a scanned copy of their ID. Wyoming requested that they get their requested ballot far in advance, the deadline for requested ballots is November 2. Once they have gotten their ballots, it’s necessary they read everything carefully and follow the instructions. After all that, students should have mailed that, with a signed envelope to their designated County Clerk. 


If they were wanting to vote in person they needed to get registered and should have taken the oath. Voting in person has a few steps you should take. First, students should have gone to the Natrona County website for a review on where they could vote. Everyone votes according to where they live. The website tells them their Precinct and voting location. Once there on the website they enter their home address, street number, street direction, and street name. This process should have pulled up their polling places. Once they’ve identified their polling station then they were ready to vote in person. 


With all the ways to vote it’s clear students had many options. If they plan in advance and utilize the resources available they should’ve been very successful on whichever path they chose to use. It doesn’t matter if they chose to vote in person or by mail, each one lets them vote in whatever way they felt comfortable or which one suited them.