The Natrona County High School Parking Lot 

Phillip Maes, reporter

As of October 28, 2020 students are no longer allowed to loiter in the parking lot. The parking lot at NC has had a lot of trials and tribulations all the way from accidents and drama to celebrations and hangouts. The parking lot is a place where friends have been eating lunch and hanging out for years. The parking lot is where students blow off steam and get a break from spending a full 8 hours in one place. Students have formed intense feelings about the parking lot since their hangout place has been taken away.

Teachers, security monitors, and students have had to learn a whole new system and so far there has still been chaos in the parking lot this year. This year there have been many incidents including brawls and suspected illegal activity. Consequently, campus security has had to patrol the parking lot instead of focusing their attention on other potentially dangerous situations.

Teachers want students to be able to have freedom, but some students do not conduct themselves responsibly. Unfortunately, for the students who do conduct themselves responsibly and sit quietly in their cars, they are subjected to the same rules as those who aren’t as responsible. Now all students, whether responsible or not, aren’t allowed to spend more than 10 minutes in the parking lot. 

Staff member Mr. Rhode agrees that having to patrol the parking lot takes away from their time. Rhode is one of the many who have had to patrol the parking lot and said it’s a hassle having to tell kids over and over again to leave. Rhodes has had countless arguments with students in the parking lot when he could be securing real threats. Both students and teachers are really not liking the policy. The students must become more respectful and learn how to control their behavior or hanging out in the parking lot could be gone forever.