Dates set for upcoming ice fishing tournaments


Sophomore Landon Davison (left) and Junior Chaz Felton catch a walleye and a perch on tip-ups during the Boysen Tournament on January 21, 2023. “We targeted Walleye and perch,” says Davison.

Hunter McDaniel, Reporter

Wyoming ice fishing tournaments are back, with many chances to compete. Upcoming events include Sheridan Rotary Ice Fishing Derby at Lake Desmet on Feb 25th  and the 34th annual Hawg Derby at Pathfinder Feb 4-5th. 

Landon Davison (10) competed in the 2023 Boysen Tournament this year and said “I plan on going again next year, and going to more events.” He didn’t participate in any ice fishing tournament prior to this year, and was introduced by friends who grew up going. It didn’t take long for him to start enjoying the sport and he believes “It’s a great experience that everyone should try.”

Local sponsor Jay Fountain of WyoHunters and Fishermen hosts a kids tournent for anyone under the age of 18. “It gives the kids a chance to win something no matter if it’s big or small and teaches them tournament ethics,” Fountain says. He has fished the Boysen tournament for four years and has been a sponsor for 3 years, with plans to do more.

The tournament gave cash prizes to the competitor with the heaviest fish caught in each different species. Anglers with a ticket could also turn into a raffle at the B&K Shoreline for a chance to win door prizes, which varied from plaques and headlamps to expensive new equipment. “The B&K was a spot to get warm, and they gave out chili to fishermen as they weighed in fish and listened to the raffle,” explains Davison. 

“My friends and I targeted walleye and perch,” Davison said. That’s only two of many species in Boysen that can be weighed. Other species such as ling, trout, crappie and more are also in their own weight bracket. Anglers have many chances to win the tournament and have a good time doing it. “The ice fishing community is one of the best. People are mostly respectful of each other and their things, making it full of good fun,” said Davison.