Change can change everything


Layla McAuley, Reporter

Change doesn’t just happen overnight, sometimes it can even take years to develop. Changing something can come with hair, personality, cars, money, clothes, personality and more. Some people wonder why people change. Well, there are many things why people would want to change.

One of the things why people might change is trauma/childhood past. If you have had very serious stuff going on in your life, it may affect how you see things or how you hear things. It could give you an eye view of something you don’t like or perhaps like. Adding on to this, your feelings depend on the perspective of everyday experiences. When things affect you, it pushes your feelings down and brings out all of that pain that is haunting you and needing to be out. If it pushes down for too long it can cause it to burst out of nowhere. 

Another one of the reasons why you might change is because of maturity. People rise, grow and change throughout their whole lifetime without even knowing it.  It’s part of everyday life doing something new and then having to get used to that thing. You also learn new obstacles and strategies for near futures. 

But on the other hand, it takes people a lot of thought and things in their life to realize something has to change. Another thing that people could change from is perspective. If you’re around a certain amount of people you can change who you are by fitting in and acknowledging their personality. For example, when your genes develop based on your parents it usually affects you too. 

Some people may think change is not a good thing and can discourage you. People also have different opinions based on their viewpoint. It could cause you to want to change something else to please them. But you can’t please everyone, and people are gonna say something no matter what. 

Changing usually can make you feel good about yourself but that can go both ways. If you change unexpectedly because of your past, it could cause you to be a darker person than who you actually were or even are.

The best way to deal with it is to think and live in the future, then live and think about the past. You have to accept it and realize it can change at any time and again.