“Ride With Me” provides an entertaining trip through teen life


“Ride With Me,” by Lucy Keating, can be checked out from the NCHS Library.

Ally Dennis, Reporter

Charlie Owens has a part time job for a local rideshare app that puts her in a situation she never thought would happen in her life. She picks up people regularly while still being a 5 star driving service. The job is a great way for Charlie to make money. Despite her top notch reviews she happens to hit Andre Minasian’s car. In exchange for him not reporting her, she will drive him anywhere he needs to go while his car is getting repaired. As they continue to ride together Charlie starts to see more in Andre than the popular party boy everyone thinks he is. 

Charlie and Andre both have a complicated personal life that helps them understand and relate to each other. This interplay between the characters leads to a satisfying and comforting theme that readers of this genre expect. Charlie does understand things that the readers will notice and perceive as well. Author Lucy Keatings also includes lots of subplots that keep the story interesting.

Readers will come away from this book being reminded that no one should automatically believe what one person might say about another. The main character Charlie believes that Andre is a bad person who only likes to party and play sports because of what people have told her, but later on in the book she finds out that there’s more to him than that. These kinds of conflicts resonate with teens and have made this a popular book in the adolescent and young adult realm. 

Some readers may find the exposition of the book a little slow, but as with many good reads, it takes a little investment to get into the story. Once you are in, it is a page turner that is hard to put down. 

I would recommend this book to others if they like romance novels. Stick with it, because it gets better near the middle of the book. Overall, it’s a great read because it will keep you flipping pages and resolves the main conflict with a comforting theme about teen life.

Publish Date: June 28, 2022            Author: Lucy Keatings      Page Count: 320     

Category: Teen & Young Adult Romance       Book Name: Ride With Me