Varsity Football Season Overview


Mason Weickum celebrates while Beau Russell signals that Natrona earned another 1st down on a drive against Campbell County.

Hunter McDaniel, Reporter

Head football coach at NCHS, Steve Harshman describes the 2022 season in one word, “Great.” Natrona finished the season at 2nd for rushing yards per game, 4th in scoring offense and 1st in defense. Overall, the varsity players held up to their school’s reputation. “Going from where we were earlier in the season to after the Oil bowl is remarkable, and it’s really cool to see us pull together,” explains Harshman. 

Wyatt Powell (12), a varsity quarterback and lineback says, “Those positions have always been my strong suit, but I’ve been working on improving my skill since 7th grade.” Powell’s growth in the sport earned him an All State and MVP award at the ceremony held on Nov 29th. He plans to keep his football career going through college, striving for the University of Wyoming or Black Hills state. 

“It’s pretty sad, and weird that I won’t be able to play here next year,” Powell said. The season didn’t end like he and the team had hoped but he still believes him and his team had a successful season. He and others spent time training and working out even without a dedicated practice, to develop a better edge for competition. 

“I have a lot of memories,” Powell states, “but my most memorable Beau Russell Blocked a kick and returned it 80 yards for a touchdown.”