Mustangs beat the Bison at Homecoming

Irelyn Bott (9), Reporter

The Homecoming Game against Cheyenne South was intense. Seven touchdowns, two of which were completed by Mason Weickum. At the 9 yard line, #4, Mason Weickum scored the first touchdown of the game. Quarterback, #11, Wyatt Powell, passed the football to #18, Rogan Potter. As a result, Rogan Potter scored a touchdown. 

The fans at Natrona are a big part of football games, they’re almost the 12th man on the field. The theme for the student section was western. The student section became rowdy. Many wore cowboy hats, boots, belt buckles, festive t-shirts, bandanas, orange and black eyeblack, and the 2022 homecoming shirts. The band and cheerleaders kept the student section enthusiastic. 

Running back, Mason Weickum scored his second touchdown of the game in the 2nd quarter. #32, Daniel Yates, a running back, had the 4th touchdown of the game. Yates had to jump over two Bison, #3 and #17, to score a touchdown. Izzy Wilson, a junior, was at the game and said, “My favorite part was the cheers and the students cheering.”            

At halftime, the dance team danced with little kids. Then they had their own performance. The band played Fly As Me by Silk Sonic and Feel It Still by Portugal The Man. The drum majors kept them in line while some choir students sang. A student in a sasquatch costume walked around the student section. The homecoming court was then announced. 

In the 3rd quarter, wide receiver, #13, Breckin McClintock scored a touchdown and had an interception during the game.  Running back, #27, William Cantrell, zoomed past his teammates and coaches on the sidelines and gained a touchdown. Cantrell had three unassisted touchdowns with another three assisted touchdowns and a solo sack.

The Mustangs called a timeout, and a minute or so later the student in the sasquatch costume ran around the field. Junior, Beau Russell, #2 and free safety, held the ball every time #18, Rogan Potter kicked the football into the field goal. Rogan Potter is a wide receiver and the kicker for the Mustangs. Towards the end of the game, Chris Tomlinson, wide receiver, #82, had the only defensive touchdown of the game and had two interceptions. 

#13, Breckin McClintock attempted to score a touchdown. The referees called the touchdown an illegal block. The next play, #79, Kolten Tasler made an effort to score a touchdown. Mr. Swenson said, “Kolten Tasler, #79 was the second touchdown that didn’t count because the pass was ruled incomplete before he recovered the potential fumble.” 

Kalin Bott and Izzy Wilson were questioned after the game, what was your reaction to the two touchdowns that didn’t count? Kalin Bott said, “Everyone was kinda upset, but it doesn’t really matter.” Izzy Wilson said, “It was pretty rowdy especially when we made those two touchdowns but they didn’t count them.” When asked what was unique about the game, Kalin said, “The little kids dancing with the dance team during halftime.”

The Mustangs beat the Bison, 57-0. The Cheyenne South Bison have not beat the Mustang Varsity football team in the thirteen years they have been a school. The Mustangs are now at four wins and one loss.