Upward Bound offers opportunities for high schoolers


Anna Skimbova (11) and Upward Bound program Assistant Sariah St. Clair gather at Casper College to discuss college preparation and meet student time requirements. “UB helped me have a better college experience,” says St. Clair.

Hunter McDaniel, Reporter

The Upward Bound (UB) program offers a college ready program for high school students. NC Junior, Anna Skimbova explains that UB “helps students get through high school and prepare for college.” UB strives to get students ready for college by providing information about scholarships, colleges, options, financing, grants and more. Soft skills that are taught through the program include public speaking, formatting, writing and more. It also can be an extra form of income providing money for “gas, because the program pays students for good grades” explains Skimbova. 

The program makes appearances at schools including NC and Casper College so students can meet participation requirements that are due monthly. They require at least one summer’s worth of participation in the summer program, at the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, where students are eligible to get a quarter credit for high school elective classes. Participation during the summer, grade checks, and 4 hours of tutoring or enrichments can earn students anywhere from $40-$200 a month. 

“To enter the program you have to be a first generation student (if parents haven’t attended college) and/or low income student,” explains UB leader/assistant Sariah St. Clair. Students have to maintain an average GPA of 2.5 to continue their membership in the program. For more information click here. 

“It helped me out alot, with getting to college and getting scholarships. It also taught me things that my parents didn’t know because they hadn’t gone,” St. Clair. For any students interested in college, the UB program is interested in helping pay toward scholarships, and tuition, with providing information on how to get into desired colleges and courses. “It gets me thinking about my goals, and anyone eligible and interested in college should check it out” explains Skimbova.