Student body elections held this week at NCHS


Campaign posters hang on a pillar in the commons area of NCHS. Student council elections are being held this week. QR codes on campaign posters can be used to access voting.

Hunter McDaniel, Reporter

This week NC students will be able scan QR codes in the halls to go online and vote for NC’s Treasurer, Jr President and Sophomore president. Last week student body President voting was open for 24 hours with a chance to vote between Tristy Thoman (11) and Kelsey Anderson (11). Candidates for most elections will be advertising through speeches, social media platforms, videos and even posters throughout the hallways. Assemblies may be held this week for speeches and voting.

“It is important to participate in voting [in the student body election] because these guys are really the face of the school,” Says Mr. Neely (science) who helps with student counsel and the election. The student body is who the students can go to if they face any issues in the school, “like being mad that there aren’t locks on the bathroom door,” says Neely. “They advocate on the schools behalf, giving NC students a voice.” 

Kelsey Anderson, a candidate for student body president explains that “ the student body organizes and leads class meetings, runs fundraisers for things like graduation and last blast, and helps students console.” 

Student Body President candidates- Tristy Thomas and Kelsey Anderson

Treasure- Payton Cortinas, Nolan Horonecker 

Jr President- Zakaria Draper, Zoey Ratcliff, Tia Barton