NC Students Celebrate Spirit Week and ‘Promchella’

student in orange hallway, wearing printed floral dress

Grace Gazda dressed up for ‘flower child’ school spirit day.

Shelbi Mikula, Reporter

Leading up to Prom on May 7th at Natrona County High School, the student council hosted a School Spirit week from the 2nd through 6th. High schools have hosted proms and school dances since around the early nineteen hundreds, alllowing students to get dressed up, dance, and have fun with friends while celebrating pride in their school. 

These days, prom is hosted for upperclassmen, primarily seniors and juniors, but there are a few exceptions. Every upperclassmen is allowed to bring one date. This could be an underclassmen or even a student from another school if that’s what they wish to do. Tickets were sold at the main office and included VIP packages that got kids snacks and pictures.

School spirit week is another grade school tradition that often happens before a dance or other large school event. School spirit days allow students to dress up with different themes if they choose. It’s a way to get students excited and pumped up for the upcoming event. For the week of Prom the themes were Monday: Neon/ Pastel, Tuesday: Flower Child, Wednesday: Wild West Vs West Cost, Thursday: Cinco De Mayo, Friday: Favorite Artist.

At the Prom, students were greeted with elaborate “Coachella” inspired decorations, including balloons, lights, a “Promchella” archway, and a photobooth with a hippy van. It was all inspired by the California music and arts festival that has become a cultural sensation over the last twenty years. Arianwyn Rickard enjoyed the prom decorations, saying it was “all really bright and festive. It all looks good.”

Overall, the prom was a hit with the student body and next year’s class has their work cut out to plan the next one.