NIC Hosting Student Art Show


Ashlyn Cooper, Reporter

The Nicolaysen Art Museum is hosting an NCHS IB Art Student Exhibition as well as a 5th Grade Art Show Reception taking place on May 5th from 5-7pm. The student work will be displayed until the end of the month.

 Since 1967, the Nicolaysen Art Museum has displayed traditional and modern art pieces from all different types of artists. For NC IB Art students specifically, the exhibition represented and celebrated the young artists and their work as well as their teachers. This free and open to the public event offered a taco and nacho bar from Fuzzy’s Tacos. The show was sponsored by the Wyoming Art Council as well as Sue Jorgensen Foundation. 

Elbe Frederick, a senior IB Art student at NCHS, shared thoughts of attending this art show. “I am excited for people to judge my art, I am also nervous because this is a new experience for me!” Frederick described that IB art “gives people the opportunity to find their unique style. It’s also a treasure map of trying to find how art connects with the world, whether that be from world issues, to personal experiences.” Frederick explained that the sculptures usually take 6-9 months to complete, while the 2D art can take a few weeks to a few months. “I want to have a connection from my world, to others, and it’s an honor to have people look at my things! Nothing of mine is perfect, but I sure try hard at what I do, and I want others to have a fire kindled inside of them telling them to follow their heart, as I have!” 

This event showcased the hard work, time and dedication of different student artists throughout Natrona County.