Dominique Baker signs to play softball with Dakota College


Dominique Baker smiles for the cameras after signing to attend Dakota College on a softball scholarship.

Leland Domosley, Reporter

Dominique Baker recently signed with North Dakota’s Dakota College to play softball, making history as the first NCHS student to receive a scholarship for this sport. Her signing ceremony was well attended by coaches, family, teachers, and friends who all came to show support and congratulate her.

Baker played with Casper Crush before joining the softball team at NCHS. Her experience helped her make a strong start for the Fillies, and she enjoyed her time in the program. “I love my teammates, I love the coaches, the coaching staff is great. I love competitiveness, I just love everything,” said Baker. She hopes to play third base and outfield.

Baker wants to study biochemistry while at Dakota. “Definitely something in the science field,” she explained. All of NCHS wishes her the best while at Dakota College.