NCHS Nordic ski performs well at state


Ireland Barten, Reporter

The NCHS Nordic Ski team reached the state championship with their coach Justin Kinner and assistant coaches Paul Kinner, Christy Olsen, and Harry Brubaker. The event was held at Pinedale High School on February 25, 2022. 

The ski team worked extremely hard to get where they are, having put in a lot of time and effort into the sport they love, hoping they bring home the championship to prove that Mustangs are the best there is in Casper. 

Justin Kinner, who has coached the team for 7 years, has explained how hard his team has worked for this achievement. “We train 6 days a week, Monday- Saturday. It takes a unique individual to want to train and compete in the elements and environment that were subjected to. Not many people can do it or even want to try. Nordic skiing is a very challenging sport that makes your whole body stronger. You get out what you put in and Nordic skiing is a true lifetime sport,” said Coach Kinner.

Shelby Blackwelder (11) has also shared some insight on her team and how the championship works. “The team to me is my family. I would say that Nordic Skiing definitely has hard days such as some of our interval days. I feel that you have to have a good mindset going into the championship. Only certain teammates go to the championship,” said Blackwelder.

During the weekend of the state meet, Mustangs and Fillies brought home many trophies and happy memories. According to Coach Kinner, “Boys and girls teams both finished 3rd behind Jackson and Lander. We had top ten performances from Ally Wheeler – 3rd place 5k freestyle Friday, and 2nd place 10k classic on Saturday. Will Garlick – 7th place 5k freestyle on Friday. Joel Kornkven – 7th place 10k classic on Saturday.”

Congrats to all our Mustang and Filly cross country skiers!