NCHS thrower Hudson Santistevan signs with University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


Hudson Santistevan, NCHS varsity track athlete, signs his contract to throw at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs while his family looks on.

NC thrower Hudson Santistevan recently signed with University of Colorado, Colorado Springs to throw shot put and discus. The signing was held in the commons at NC’s high school yesterday afternoon. The ceremony was attended by the entire track team, Santistevan’s parents, and many NCHS staff members.  

When asked how he chose UCCS, Santestevan explained he “met the throws coach at a throwing camp and then we just started talking from there. I went and toured their school and fell in love with their campus and how it’s laid out. They also have a really good indoor facility.” Santistevan has participated in indoor and outdoor track since middle school and was a varsity track athlete at NC. He plans to study engineering at UCCS.