NC swimmers enjoy the new pool


The NC boys team cheer on a teammate at a recent swim meet in the new pool.

Taylor Stalkup, Reporter

Natrona County High School has recently installed a pool attached to the MAC, making it way more convenient for members of the swim team. 

While asked about how the new pool is treating the swimmers, Tanner Garriott (senior), explains it is very convenient to have practices at NC rather than Kelly Walsh. “I’m enjoying our new pool by not having to get up at 4 in the morning, just to go to KW and swim. We now get to come here at 6 and swim in the morning before school. I don’t have to drive to KW after school and wait for KW to finish their swim practice either.”

Ryan Nate (senior), who’s also the team’s captain, says the team has some things they all need to improve on. Nate explained that “Our times are one thing we all need to work on. We had some slower swimmers, but throughout the season we’ve improved a lot on our times as a whole. One race we need to improve on is our 400 relay. We haven’t done it yet this year, but we will in state, and I want to make sure we are prepared for that.”

The two swimmers were asked what strengths they have that make them both great athletes. Garriott replied that “I believe I am kinder and funnier, and I tend to always bring people together. We’re basically a family, it’s a small group of kids on our team and we make sure everyone is a part of our little family.” Nate stated “My greatest strength would be cheering everybody on throughout the season.”

The Mustang swimming team has a rich legacy and are looking forward to living up to their predecessors. Swim coach Kristin Stone was asked about her proudest moment as a swim coach. She said her proudest moment was “Last year when Kyler qualified for state and swam a 59 at conference, that was the fastest he had swam all year. He was super excited and gave me a big ‘ole wet swimming hug!” 

The next swim conference will be Friday at 3pm at Kelly Walsh High School. Wish them luck!