Duck Hunting Season is Here

Tradition means as much as the meat to most hunters in the modern era.


Duck decoys have lots of tradition behind them. They used to be carved, but have become more modern with plastics and even motorized features.

Hunter McDaniel, Outdoor Editor

It’s that time again, where the ducks are in the air and hunters are grabbing their cold-weather gear and guns. Duck hunting and the harvest of water fowl isn’t all that happens when participating in this sport. All of the time, preparation, and tradition leads into something much more than the hunt itself. Though buying gear and having basic knowledge will get someone started, keep in mind that it is not all about gearing up and harvesting animals. There is much more to the appreciation for hunting and the people that do it. 

Most hunters begin duck hunting due to family traditions. “I’ve been duck hunting since I was 10 years old, and the person that introduced me was my father,” says Trent Cornett, a student at NC. He and his father carry on the family tradition by gearing up and hunting every season.  It is a way to connect with family and spend time with people they care most about. “That’s the best part,” Cornett claims. In a world where hunting to eat is no longer a necessity for most people, bonding with fathers, grandpas or even friends, is the reason why a lot of duck hunters participate.  Hunting because people have to hunt is rare these days. It is more of a way to connect with people and nature. The meaning behind this sport comes from a long line of love that is shared to new generations. Respect for nature and needed ethics are learned by hunting, and passed on to younger generations by experienced hunters, such as parents. Traditions shared between parents and children are unbeatable and bring much more meaning and love into the sport. 

When explaining the father/son tradition in his family, Cornett says that the best part about duck hunting is “Going with my father, and having a blast, because you never know when it is going to be your last time hunting with your dad.”