Escape 307 offers interesting and fun entertainment for Casper


Emma Johns

One of the rooms in 307 Escape is Murder Mystery, leaving a cage of skeletons across from an office room.

Emma Johns, Reporter

At 1400 East Yellowstone Highway, Casper Wyoming hides its very own escape room, Escape 307. With escape rooms increasing in popularity since 2007, when the very first escape room was created in Kyoto, Japan, it’s not uncommon to find many buildings hosting their own event. However, very little of Casper’s population is aware of the local Escape 307. Renting their rooms cost $25 per person ($20 for students and $15 for ages 10-18) and each room reaches a maximum limit of six people and a minimum of two. 

Lyndsy Futrell, a senior of NCHS, commends that, “The most appealing part of an escape room is the riddles that have to be solved in order to escape.” Even students that haven’t been to Casper’s own escape room still report on other adventures they’ve had with such events. Casey Neal, another senior that attends Natrona County High School, shares that the most appealing aspect of an escape room is that none are the same – no one can expect something to happen and know how to go through the puzzles unless they’ve already been through that exact escape room. 

Any students who weren’t aware of Casper’s escape room have been introduced to the idea through Tik-Tok videos of escape room employees recording such an event. Alex Huss, a senior that wasn’t aware of Escape 307, says that she wants to attend one on the basis that “I like solving puzzles and finding clues and such. Also, with my friend specifically, there’d be a lot of chaos and hilarity that would come with the tasks.”

Those students that are aware of Escape 307 all come to the same standing point – they’ve been interested in doing an escape room but haven’t personally been. The employees of Escape 307 depend on word-of-mouth technique for advertisements, spreading word of their building and rooms through kids that will leave and tell their friends or family about their experience. 

The settings in 307 Escape
At first look, 307 Escape looks like a mess hall under construction. This look is to allow easy access to the change of rooms and to shuffle around any settings for later. (Emma Johns)

Escape 307 runs much like a theatre hall, with sets being moved around, adjusted, and controlled out of sight of customers, and – just as Neal suggested – Escape 307 interchanges rooms on occasion. While there are no frequent special events (the only special events the building holds is some Halloween fun for October), Escape 307 holds many different ‘themes’ for their rooms; traditional (rooms where participants will try to get out of a room someone else has locked them into), murder mysteries and ‘trapped in a videogame’ – all of which guides what sorts of puzzles each room is forced to complete. 

Building hours are consistent from 10 am – 10 pm every day of the week, leaving plenty of time for both students and workers of Casper. The rooms themselves have a high rating of 4.8-star reviews, many of them congratulating the room’s creativity and challenging puzzles.