David Street Station begins ice rink set-up

The ice skating rink is a popular winter attraction for the downtown Casper area.


Felicity Engberg, News Reporter

With cold weather arriving,  David Street Station is preparing for the local community Ice Skating Rink to open on November 24th. The rink is located in downtown Casper, Wyoming, and this is the third annual opening. Workers at David Street Station begin setting up the annual ice skating rink in early November. As the weather starts bringing more snowflakes, another event people look forward to is the annual tree lighting ceremony. This year’s Christmas tree lighting will be held on November 27th at 6:00pm.

 Alex Huss, an employee of David Street Station, enjoys the busy nights and the process to set it all up. According to Huss, “the downtown ice rink process with the tree lighting can take anywhere from a week to two weeks, with hard work, heavy mats, and large screws. Many layers of water go down to make the ice, along with the colors that have to get turned on.” Huss explained that the busiest nights revolve around themes and special events at the rink, like the glow nights and the Come Skate with Santa event. 

As the ice rink gets built there are going to be many fun nights to get ready to enjoy the rink with friends, family and community. Holiday festivities at David Street brings our city together to celebrate the cold winter months. Many townsfolk can be expected to show up to sit under the heated lamps, drink hot cocoa, take in the sight of the beautiful Christmas tree, and perhaps enjoy some ice skating.