How not to ask someone to Football Ball.


Calla Shosh

Ava Paddison asks someone to Football ball with her sign. Though this is the traditional way for girls to find a date, according to Jack Sheets, this is to be avoided. Sheets says that it is better to ask someone to the dance in casual conversation and is less embarrassing for all involved.

Calla Shosh, Editor

Every November, Football ball, a formal dance, is held at NCHS. Part of what makes this dance unique is that traditionally, girls ask guys instead of the other way around. But how do you ask someone to Football ball? Perhaps more importantly, what are the worst pitfalls to avoid? Students share their opinions. Harley Anderson, a sophomore, says that when asking people to Football ball, you should “just do it.” Though this advice is simple, it is a good reminder that you never know if someone will go with you unless you ask. 

Maylin Groenewald, a freshman, says, “I’m mostly a cheerleader, so I’ll help set it up. A way not to ask someone is maybe not, like, be rude if they reject you. If they’re rude when they reject you, that’s okay, but if they’re rude don’t be like ‘Uh, I hate you’.” 

Jack Sheets also voiced a similar opinion. After first giving the disclaimer that he has no experience in such situations  and should not be asked, he says “preferably try to be okay if you’re rejected, cause it happens to everybody and it’s a pretty common thing.” 

Grand gestures are also to be avoided. They can be embarrassing for everyone involved and can even be taken the wrong way or get the attention of the wrong people. Sheets says that asking in casual conversation is the way to go.  An example, Sheets says, would be like  “‘Hello Jack, how are you doing today?’ ‘You want to go to the dance with me?’” Sheets says that you should not ask something like “Would you like to go to the dance with me?” while attempting a romantic voice. 

Overall the advice given was to be polite when rejecting someone and ask someone to the dance casually.  What are some ways you should not ask someone to Football ball? Standing on their car and yelling across the parking lot is a definite no. Also, pink confetti is messy and likely to land on the wrong persons. While signs are visible, they may attract cat-calls from passerbyers. Also, don’t be surprised if a guy doesn’t know how to respond. After all, as Gabe Galindo, a sophomore, says when asked how guys should accept, “I don’t know, it’s mostly me doing the asking.”