The Warning Signs of a Pop Quiz

Leland Domosley, Humor Writer

Those Random Quizzes Pop Up

High school can be a bit of a drag. Falling down stairs, eating lunch alone, falling down more stairs. Trust me. It can be hard but as long as you don’t fall down the stairs you should be good. Just gotta make sure to not get any pop quizzes from any of your classes that drop your grade by a million points.

Honestly, what is the point of those annoying pop quizzes anyway? Regular quizzes give you time to study because you know when they are going to happen. But thanks to this giant absurd random quiz I don’t get even a small chance to look at my notes, because no one brings their notes unless there is a test!

You would like to think that these don’t happen often but NO! They happen, every, single, week! After a bit you might say “I know when a surprise quiz is coming.” It’s so random that you need to know the signs. At least once you recognize the signs of a pop quiz you can be safe. 

What are the signs you wonder, let me tell you. One of the first things to look for is that scowl from your teacher. It always looks like they are tired and annoyed of the class during their time teaching.

The second thing to note is the sudden change of class material. If they change randomly oh boy will that be rough because they might be getting ready for a type of quiz.

Just make sure it doesn’t go to the final step where they start printing papers or assign a quiz because there is now a test you haven’t even got a chance to study that well for.

Just make sure to leave before that because you can definitely have the excuse that you didn’t know about the quiz because no one could actually know there was a pop quiz. So fake an illness if you think there is a quiz around the corner. Just make sure not to get caught or you will be forced to take it and now with a tardy.

Be safe against those pesky pop quizzes okay? Just gotta look out for them before that teacher throws one at your desk and says those infamous lines, “Pop quiz!” So have a good day Mustangs and Fillies and remember not to get popped with a quiz.