Pheasant Hunting Outlook

Several bird preserves are stocked by WGF throughout the season.


Upland birds provide good sport for dog and hunter through the fall and into winter.

Hunter McDaniel, Outdoor Writer

Wyoming pheasant hunting season will roll into effect Nov. 1st and run through Dec. 31st. “They have game farms around the state that raise pheasants and any resident game bird, to release them for the season,” says Brody Magee, who is an avid hunter. This year pheasants will be stocked throughout the season and regulations change depending on the area that is being hunted, so make sure to check regulations for rules that apply. 

Also, hunt areas near Glendo will hold youth-only hunts most Sundays during the season, meaning hunters under the age of 17 have exclusive days to hunt. “I enjoy hunting alone, because it gives me a sense of loneliness where I feel closer to the area I hunt,” Magee states. He also encourages more people to try pheasant hunting, as a way to grow closer with nature and family. 

“It’s something to do when I am bored. Walking around, enjoying the countryside, looking for birds,” he explains. Pheasant hunting is a highly recommended activity to get involved in, and learn ethics that are critical in many aspects of life, outside of the sport itself. Make sure to buy a license and get more informed on a specific area, and take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Requirements include a hunter’s safety certificate, small game and upland bird tag, and a conservation stamp. For more information, check out Wyoming Game and Fish’s regional newsletter.