Natrona County High School’s Oct. 26th Halloween Carnival expected to be ‘spooktacular’

Lots of clubs are expected to host family friendly games for the community oriented event.


NCHS is hosting a Fall Festival/Halloween Carnival on Oct. 26th from 4-6pm.

Ashlyn Cooper, Business Reporter

The upcoming Fall/Halloween festival will take place on October 26th from 4-7pm after school, in the NCHS building. Natrona County High School’s Halloween Carnival will include many activities such as food vendors, music/theater production, games, a dance, and a fundraising activity. The booths will be run by Natrona County High School’s own student body, including DECA, the National Honor Society, and many other student clubs. 

The Halloween Carnival will take place within the commons area and cafeteria, as well as the school store. The carnival will be serving food, including hot dogs and chili dogs. The various Halloween booths will take place in the commons area. 

Natrona County High School’s Halloween Carnival is coming back after two years, due to COVID and other inconveniences. SheaLynn Wolfe, a DECA member, stated “I believe this year’s Halloween carnival is going to be amazing. With two years to think of ideas, there has been a lot of thought to make this an amazing event!” There has been time and money put into the carnival for the past couple years, and it is expected to be a fresh Halloween event.

For more information, you can visit room 2018 during Mustang Connection, or talk to Ms. Williams if you see her in the halls.