Inspirational speaker Chad Varga visits NC

A photo of Chad Varga from his website biography @

A photo of Chad Varga from his website biography @

Mariah Butler, Reporter

On September 28, inspirational speaker Chad Varga spoke at NC. Chad has faced many hardships in life, but his story of success has enabled him to be a popular speaker who travels the country spreading his message about how making good choices is key in life, no matter the challenges. He talked about how his mother was a drug addict and drank alcohol all the time, and also mentioned that his dad had depression. 

A lot of kids could relate to Chad not just because of his family, but because of his goals. Chad had a dream to become a professional basketball player, to play college ball then move up to the NBA. He talked about how even in tough times, you can still make it to where you want to go. “If you want something, you gotta work for it,” he explained. He had held up $20 and asked the whole school who wanted it, they all raised their hands and shouted in excitement of a chance of $20. Except for this one kid, who stood up and walked to the front and grabbed that $20. Chad looked at him in shock, then grabbed his hand and told the school that this is what you do when you want something. You go for it. 

During his speaking time, Chad also talked about how he wasn’t treated very well by his own classmates. He told the audience that once when he had to share his goals in life, other students laughed at him. Chad also spoke about bullying and how a 10 year old girl was bullied because she wore the same clothes everyday and her hair wasn’t always brushed. It turns out her mother was the only parent the student had, and the mother worked two jobs while trying to take care of kids. 

Judging by audience reaction, Mr. Varga’s story connected with a lot of students. The audience seemed to relate to his goals, his childhood, how he overcame obstacles, and how people need to treat others better.