The Choir Concert

Catherine Vance , reporter

NC choir groups, Mustang Chorale, Vocal Jazz, Harmony, Treblemakers, and Show Choir, performed for the very first time since the Covid-19 outbreak early last year. The first night of concerts, 3-1-21, Mustang Chorale, Vocal Jazz, and Harmony sang. Then the next night, 3-2-21, Treblemakers and the Show Choir sang. The two nights were filled with great music and fun times. Due to the mask mandate, the choirs had to social distance and wear their masks the whole time. The audience also wore masks. 

During the concert each of the choirs had an array of songs. Treble makers performed “Sister act ( Hail Holy Queen, I Will Follow Him, and Shout)” ; “Get on Your Feet”, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”/“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, and “Man, I Feel Like  A Woman”. Then, Show Choir’s songs were “Never Ending Story”,  “Lovely”, and “You’ll Be Back”. Next, Mustang Chorale performed  “Kyrie”, “Gloria”, “Festival Sanctus”, “Agnus Dei”, “The Battle of Jericho”, Seal Lullaby, Hush! Somebody’s Callin’ My Name, and Ching-a-Ring Chaw. The next group to perform was N.C. Harmony which performed “Miss Otis Regrets”, “Open Your Eyes”, “You Can Fly”, “Once Upon A Time”, and “Your Mind Is On Vacation”. Finally the Vocal Jazz Ensemble sang “I Get A Kick Out Of You”, “Michelle”, “Moondance”, and “Boplicity”.

Alex Bright (11) said that the most difficult part for the Mustang Chorale, aside from the masks, was “hoping you don’t mess up, and hitting all of the high notes.” Bright also said that she was very happy that they were able to have a concert at all, and she was happy with the outcome of the first concert of the season. According to Bright it is possible there will be more concerts in the near to later future. Bright finally said that the one area she wished her choir to improve on was remembering the minute details in the dancing, and parts of the songs.   

Shada Mcdonald (12) and Brandi Councilman(12) both agreed that the costume changes during the concert were difficult as well as parts of the music. Also, they both said that everyone did well, but their performance could be slightly improved in the future. As well as asking if there was hope for more and everyone of the people interviewed all of them had a strong hope for more choir concerts. Then both Mcdonald and Councilman both said that the placement is the one thing they would change in the concert.   

NC choirs hope for opportunities to perform in concerts in the future. Continuing the tradition of NC music groups performing in concerts has been a return to relative normalcy. In these hard times, music students relish any opportunity to perform in front of an audience.