The World Of Comics

BrandaLynn Hottell, Writer

People argue about comic books being more popular now than 50 years ago, but others say that isn’t true. The sales of comic books and graphic novels from 2012 to 2019 sales have increased tremendously based on what The Beat Comic Culture says. Multiple people have said that they think comic books were more popular fifty years ago than they are today. The reason why some of them said so is because they were cheaper then than they are now. Another reason is that with shows and movies more popular now, it has never been easier to watch something people used to be only able to read. 

When asked “Have you read a comic book,” most responses are yes. Some people have said they don’t read them often, but have read at least one. Based off of Statista most people (60 percent) who have read a comic book started before they were ten. The people who have read comic books usually end up reading more the older they get. Only 21 percent of people read less comics than when they were younger, while 12 percent read the same amount, and 67 percent of people read more comic books as they get older. 

The world is moving so fast that sometimes taking a step back to read a comic could be relaxing to people. Many people even prefer reading print as opposed to digital formats. Throughout the years, many people have enjoyed reading comic books. However, those who haven’t read them in the past are hesitant to try something new and pick one up. Consequently, comic books are becoming more obsolete, but they could make a comeback if people decide to give them a chance. 


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