Taylor Swift’s New Album

Kylie Berryman, Reporter

Taylor Swift’s new album Evermore was released December 11, 2020. Taylor Swift describes the album as a “sister album” to Folklore. The songs are beautifully written setting a genre of alternative/indie. The album contains fifteen songs (hour long tracklist)  with three co-written by Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Evermore is a sequel to the album Folklore which came out July 24, 2020. While Folklore is more grounded and more realistic, Evermore is more imaginary and unrealistic. Evermore is considered one of the albums closest to the country genre that she has written in years. 

Pitchfork Evermore album review by Sam Sodomsky writes, “Swift remains a versatile and expressive vocalist-hear the scare quotes in her delivery through the lightly clattering kiss off of “closure” (“Don’t treat me like a situation that need to be ‘handled’”. In Evermore she shows many expressive and powerful lyrics for example, “If I wanted to know who you were hanging with while I was gone, I would have asked you.”  Another example of Swift’s powerful lyrics is, “Life was a willow and it bent right to your wind, they count me out time and time again. Life was a willow and it bent right to your wind, but I came back stronger than a 90s trend.” (Willow)

Taylor Swift’s new album received many compliments. National Public Radio (NPR) Music’s Ann Powers said, “She has done it beautifully, and more seamlessly than a lot of people are giving her credit for.” NPR Music’s Lyndsey McKenna said, “I think at its core, it’s really a record about stories and the way that we tell them to ourselves and to others” Many people were shocked about Swift’s sudden album release, but many people think that she did a wonderful job.