BrandaLynn Reviews A Mad Zombie P

A Mad Zombie Part Review

The book A Mad Zombie Party, written by Gena Showalter, revolves around two characters, Frosty and Camilla, both of whom are zombie hunters. Frosty has a strong dislike towards Camilla but has to learn to get along with her or something bad might happen. The book starts with Frosty who is mourning over the love of his life, Kat Parker. She died during a battle between Anima Industries and Cole Hollander’s crew of Zombie slayers. Camilla betrayed the crew and helped Anima Industries, an organization that’s devoted to finding the secret of immorality, in the process taking out Kat. Frosty is given the chance to see Kat but the only way is to deal with Camilla. 

This book features a lot of different subjects that appeal to readers. Showalter’s descriptions are done in a way that creates a vivid picture in your head. I also love the way she talks about the relationship between the characters. This is my favorite book of the White Rabbit Chronicles. It’s the only book, of the series, from the point of view of Frosty and Camilla. 

Frosty gets the chance to see Kat, but he has to do the one thing he may not be able to bring himself to do; he has to deal with Camilla, who he hates. Camilla betrayed them all, and Frosty can’t bear the idea of being around her. Because of this, you watch as Frosty fights the urge to warm up to Camilla, and you watch Camilla fight the desire to let someone close to her again.  

Together they are forced to fight the undead and the Anima Industries which they thought they had conquered. Through the book it switches between the point of view of Camilla and Frosty as they try their best to make it through the day creating a very good dynamic in the book. Can they make it through this challenge and be the people to come out on top?