NC students driving in the school parking lot is scary

Maya, reporter

Most NCHS students over the age of 16 (or 15 in the case of those eligible for hardship licenses) drive to and from school. Many students don’t know proper procedure for driving in the school parking lot. There is close to no driving etiquette in the parking lot because everybody has a place they need to be, and they don’t want to take the time to be considerate and polite to other drivers. 

So far this school year, there hasn’t been a big accident in the parking lot. Because of this, students don’t seem to prioritize driving safely in the parking lot. However, many small collisions and fender benders do occur often due to students having a lack of caution or being distracted. The students that do drive carefully in the parking lot have to look out for those who don’t drive carefully, and that can be pretty stressful for them. 

There have been a few close calls in the school parking lot after school because students are going in all directions at once, and sometimes it can feel completely haywire. Sit outside the parking lot after school, just for ten minutes, and see for yourself how chaotic it can be. There is absolutely no excuse for reckless driving, but somehow everybody has one.

If you know that you are one of the drivers without etiquette, then this advice is to you: Don’t park in more than one space, don’t pull too far into a parking spot so the other drivers looking for a spot don’t run into your car, don’t drive over 15 mph while you are in the parking lot and don’t rev your car or truck. 

There isn’t a big problem with students taking more than one parking space, but it still happens. Taking more than one space is rude and extremely annoying because the parking lot is already packed enough without students doing that. There are a few students who like to drive as fast as they can possibly go without getting into an accident. By driving 15 mph or under, there is enough of a cushion between you and the other students if they decide to stop suddenly. Students almost always pull too far into a parking spot where other students cannot see their vehicle. There are some students who like to rev their automobiles because they think it makes them look cool or it makes other students envious of them, but it’s just rude. It’s too loud and makes people lose their train of thought.