2020 brings something new to Casper, Wyoming


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Leaves begin to turn red with Autumn’s rare arrival. Living in Casper, it’s hard to get a goldilocks weather like Autumn. Many people admit it’s their favorite season, even when the snow overpowers this very season almost every year.

Emma Johns, Reporter

Up until October 25, this year introduced a rare change in the weather. Experiencing little to no snow and far more red and yellow leaves are one of those changes. While many students and members of Natrona still complain about the cold winds and the hot mornings, almost all the interviewees are open to the idea of Casper, Wyoming finally experiencing autumn. Though that time was short and now being replaced with the usual snow most citizens have grown accustomed to, it’s still a moment to remember for many citizens. 

Many interviews show that students in NC are very happy about the change, admitting that autumn is their favorite season. Syerra Tartro, a senior working through online schooling said, “I love autumn. It’s my favorite season, with all of the colors and crunchy leaves. I like the cool mornings and warm afternoons, and I like wearing sweaters.” 

Tatro is not the only Mustang speaking positively about this change. Alexis Isca shares her own thoughts, mentioning how she lives on the mountain, and, “The leaves this time of year are lovely, very spooky. So I love that the early season storms didn’t ruin the spooky season.” With Halloween right around the corner, being able to celebrate with fallen leaves and the advancing weather makes the upcoming holiday far more reachable. 

However, while many students admit to liking the change, the new altercation raises some questions. Isca questions the lasting of this year’s autumn. She says, “But I still don’t know if it’s (a) real autumn, the weather is too hot during the day to call it autumn.”

Of course, Isca isn’t the only student that brings forward the negative side of this year’s warming temperatures. Catherine Williams, a former NC student now living with her husband and their son has a different outlook to the season. Williams explained how the change brings forward far more concerns than optimistic. Williams said, “The decrease in winter snow over the past few years has increased our dry season, meaning more wildfires, and due to the weather changes the birds have been having trouble migrating.”

While long-lasting rains have increased within the past few days, this concern holds a high point in the earth’s atmosphere. Williams also mentions finding even more problems than mentioned above. Water levels are decreasing, global warming becoming a growing unease, and cities threaten to fall into a desert pile on William’s very distress. 

Depending on the outlook, this fluctuating weather can be a cause of celebration or anxiety and apprehension.