Students share their reasons for coming back to school

Ireland Barten, Reporter

Since the school closed way back in March, students have had the option to go back to school or to stay virtual. Some students have stayed home and others have decided to come back to in person learning. The decision to come back to in person learning or stay home for virtual learning was a choice each student made with their parents. This article will share the perspective of students who decided to come back to in person learning. 

Rylee Bracken, an NC 10th grader said, “I came back to school because I missed my friends and wanted to see them. My experience with school has been a bit stressful, but we’ve had a five-month break, and the teachers have been very understanding of that, and it’s going to take some time, but it’s nice to be back at school and see my friends again.” 

With COVID-19 going on, it’s been difficult to see friends and family. Some students might get to only see their friends at school with everything going on. Since Natrona County High School has reopened, there have been many new safety precautions so students can see their friends. Everyone from students to teachers, to janitors to lunch ladies wear masks. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout the school as well as dividers for lunch tables so everyone is safe. Most teachers have been very understanding of everything going on. They have the classrooms spread out as much as possible and allow students to take mask breaks  in designated areas spread out from others. Teachers also understand that it’s going to take some time to get used to being back at school.

Another NC student Morgan Eckhart (10) said, “Going to school works better for me. I was really bored for those five to six months, but since school has started back, I can see my friends and have some things to do.”  Eckhart also said, “Everything from wearing masks, having the water fountains not functional and everything being closed off or not allowed for social distancing is very difficult because change is hard especially when we’re pretty young.”

With everything going on NCHS has had to be understanding of students’ circumstances. Teachers and staff understand that students have had a much longer break from in person teaching than normal. NC is taking the situation very seriously and is providing students with everything they need to make students feel comfortable. Students are appreciating the chance to see their friends and receive in person instruction.