Girls swim team creates close bonds

Kylie Berryman, Reporter

Girls Swim Team poses for the camera at downtown Casper
Girls swim team having fun downtown:
NC’s Girls Swim team assembles in Downtown Casper for swim team pictures. The team has grown with 22 people now in it. The team consists of four freshmen, four sophomores, ten juniors, and four seniors. The girls work hard every day during their morning and evening practices. Aliesia Berryman (12) states, “Everyone on the swim team works really hard to get better and better.”

Last year the NCHS Girls Swim Team fought for their pool at an NCSD Board of Trustees meeting on September 9, 2019. They succeeded. Now construction workers are working hard to build the new NCHS swim pool. Maggie Gazda (12), the swim team captain, said, “I’m excited to have a place to call our own. It’s really hard not having our own pool to swim in and having to go all the way across town.” Gabriella Haigler (12), NC’s reigning State Champion Diver said, “I’m most excited for having two diving boards.” The swim team girls are very excited to be getting their own pool. Hannah Danford (11) says, “I am excited for the (orange and black)  pool colors  and excited for the kids that get to swim in it (in the future).” 

The girls’ swim team is not just a sport to them it’s a second family. The members were asked what does the swim team mean to you? Almost everyone said it was a family environment. Aliesia Berryman, (12), said, “They are my family.” Olivia Sausedo (9) responded, “The swim team means having someone always there for you.” Phoebe Katzmann (11)  says the swim team is , “A place where I can be comfortable. I am not being judged and I can be myself.” 

The girls’ swim team has big hopes for the future swim team.  Lily Roberts (10) said, “I hope we get more qualifiers for state, and that we get more divers, and that we win championships.” Audrey Roberts (12)  said, “I hope the team keeps improving, and to see Coach Snell continue as coach, and when she eventually stops coaching we get another really good coach.” Katelyn Oden (11) said she hopes to, “Keep the swim team going because we have a pretty small team so if we keep a bunch of people on it that would be good.”

The girls’ swim coach, Jessica Snell, is not only the swim coach for the boys and girls team, she is also an English teacher at Natrona County High school. Swimmers refer to her as a “beast” due to her amazing strength and endurance. “She (Snell) always pushes us really hard which we all like because it makes us better people and better at swimming, ”said Berryman.