Another Year Comes to an End

Calla Shosh

t has almost become a tradition that towards the end of the year, students get antsy for summer. One day everything is fine and then, suddenly you have chaos.   Since the closure of schools, students and teachers both have more opportunities to get outside.  Many students and teachers are using this opportunity to their full advantage.  

Students often are doing school work outside during the good weather.  Several students have been outside during zoom meetings.   These students often have spent the larger portion of their day outside, doing things such as painting a house or camping in the Tetons.  Virtual school allows many families to do things such as camping during the week, with students doing school work when it is  convenient for them.   Though it can be problematic when students refuse to complete their work, for those that do complete it, online school can lead to excessive amounts of free time for students, something that is greatly sought after.  

Teachers also seem to be enjoying the excellent weather.  Many teachers have taken to conducting their zoom meetings outside.  Several have even kept the zoom meetings short in their haste to get outside, or buy a mountain bike.  Teachers also have taken trips around the area to places like Alcova.   

Though the weather is extremely nice, students should remember to do their work before enjoying the nice weather. Some students have failed to complete much of the work assigned to them, which could lead to failing this quarter and semester.  According to the letter sent out to parents and students, “We do not know what the summer school offerings will be at this time. If the County Health restrictions remain in place it is possible that we won’t be able to offer summer school this year. Please make every effort to pass your current courses.”  Since it is unclear whether summer school will be offered, students who fail this semester may not have the opportunity to make up those credits this year.  Enjoy the sunshine, but please make it a priority to pass your classes first.