Handling Not Going to School

BrandaLynn Hottell

With everything going on, NCHS has been closed for the rest of the year to prevent illnesses between students. The students and teachers are both thankful for this time but also not all are handling it very well. Many teachers have said this has been a good time to hang out with their families, but it has been hard with not being able to talk and see their students. There are a lot of students struggling to keep up to date with the school work with all of the distractions that they have at home. 

There are certain classes handing out more work than the others. There are also kids who don’t have the resources to get online to get the school work. Luckily enough though, Natrona County has ways of getting paper versions of the work out so everyone is able to do the work. 

A lot of the students who have said in the past that they didn’t like school are missing it and can’t wait until they can go back. Because it is harder to get all the work turned in, there are some classes not deducting points for late work because the students can’t get the same amount of help over a call than they could in person. This is helping the students. This is giving them the time they need to stay caught up with school even while having a chaotic household. 

During this time though, many have been brought together not only as families but also as a community. This has been a rough time for a lot of people, but it has been made a lot easier by the teachers who are giving students time and helping them along even though they can’t meet with their students in person.

 Acelin Hottell from Scottsbluff, Nebraska has said, “Online schooling is hard because of the internet, but it’s mostly the same thing everyday,” he’s also said, “I miss seeing friends, but being able to go to my Mom’s house and still be able to do the homework has been nice.” 

Connor Hinzman, a senior from KWHS says, “English is easy enough that I haven’t really had to ask questions.” These are two students who are doing alright with online school. 

However, a first grader, Journey Chamburs, from Journey Elementary school said, “It’s sad. I miss my teacher and my friends. The work isn’t too hard though but my parents aren’t the best teachers.” While another KW student Madison Moline said, “Being home is boring and causes my stress and anxiety to go up.”

Everyone is handling this in different ways. Some teachers are exercising to help pass the times while others are only focusing on school work and their own children. This is a rough time that everyone is trying to get through as best they can