NC History teacher connects with students through Shed Talks


Abby Gruner, Editor

A new friend
Bob Ewings
Introducing Jack:
Bob Ewings introduces his IB history students to his dog, Jack, in a Shed Talk. In this April 6 Shed Talk students also got to meet Ewings’s cat Scout. Ewings’s Shed Talks provide his students with some much needed humor during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IB history teacher, Bob Ewings, posts a daily video during week days that he calls a “Shed Talk.” In these videos Ewings is usually in his shed, as the name would suggest, telling students about assignments they have or just what he has been up to. Through making these Shed Talks, Ewings has been able to gain experience with technology and provide some laughs for his students during these uncertain times. 

Ewing’s inspiration for creating his Shed Talks stems from the isolation everyone is experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic because it has reminded him of his time deployed to Iraq. Ewings said, “The deployment was long and isolating with most of our time spent waiting for what would come next and it seems a lot like what we are experiencing now. Having experienced something like this before reminded me that a chance to smile and shake it off, even for just a bit, is super helpful.” Ewings said the name “Shed Talk” came about because he enjoys spending time in his shed and that it is a play off of “TED Talks.”

In the very first Shed Talk on April 4, 2020 labeled “First Video Attempt” it was obvious that Ewings was just trying to become familiar with technology he had never used before. Ewings said in the video, “I haven’t figured out how to put a video on here (Canvas, NC’s student learning management system) that is more than five minutes, so these will be short until I learn something new.” Since his first video, Ewings’s skills with iMovie and other technologies have progressed tremendously. His videos now include music and visual effects that often add to the comic relief students need. 

When asked what she thought about the Shed Talks, junior Cami Langley said, “I love the Shed Talks. They are hilarious! It is fun for Mr. Ewings to engage and connect with us with something not related to school. We also have something to look forward to each day when we open Canvas.”