IB Juniors receive Mac Book computers

Abby Gruner, editor

Juniors at NC taking at least five IB classes received MacBook Airs to help them complete research and writing necessary for the IB program. NC Principal Shannon Harris said that the computers were purchased through NC’s yearly tech budget in order to help IB students complete their work easier as well as become an incentive for students to participate in full IB in the future. Senior IB students received computers at the beginning of the school year, but juniors just recently received them in January. Initially the 20 computers were only handed out to students enrolled in full IB, but there were a few more computers than full IB students, so the remaining were given to students in five or more IB classes. 

Harris said, “We always have lots of students asking for computers, but some of the teachers had mentioned the extended essay, (a large research paper written by full IB students) and the research that is required for IB, and we (NC administration) thought it might be a nice incentive to encourage students to participate in the full IB program.” Harris estimated that each of the 20 computers is worth around $1,100. 

NC junior Isabella Brown, who is currently full IB, received a computer and said it has definitely made her life easier. Brown said a major advantage of a computer compared to an iPad is that a computer comes with a built in keyboard, whereas iPads require a plug in keyboard in order to type. Another advantage Brown brought up is that YouTube isn’t blocked on her computer so she is able to watch videos for research.” 

In regards to whether or not access to a computer will incentivize taking IB courses Brown said, “It (receiving a computer) is a nice perk, but don’t do it  just for that.” Although students who received computers were able to keep their iPads, Brown admitted that she never uses her iPad anymore. “It’s actually dead on my desk (at home) right now.” 

Brown, as well as many other IB students who received computers, definitely won’t want to go back to iPads anytime soon. Luckily for them and future IB students, Harris said the plan is to continue to offer computers to full IB students and mostly full IB students if any are left over.