The NC DECA Team Helps out in the School Store

Maya Cooper, reprter

  The Mustang Market is the central hub for NC students. The school store is the place  to buy food and school merchandise. The school store sells muffins, chips, pop-tarts and more. The store also sells t-shirts, water bottles, hats, bags and lanyards. The store is open on Mondays during A block, upperclassmen lunch and D block; on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-3:15; on Wednesdays during A block, Mustang Connections, upperclassmen lunch and D block; and the store is open during both lunches on Fridays.

  The school store is able to be in operation because Ms. William’s business class runs it. DECA members learn industry skills like customer service, inventory management and more when they work in the school store. Taylor McLaughlin, a DECA member, says, “I like working here because it gives me experience first hand on some things that I need to know in a business.” 

DECA team members are the ones who decide what to sell in the school store, they also take suggestions from other students on what to sell. DECA students spend the month of December writing a 50 page report to get the school based enterprise ready to be Gold Certified. Gold certification means that the school store is efficient 87% of the time or more. The school store has been Gold Certified for three years in a row and has earned Gold Certification every year they have competed. The school store helps fund DECA’s events. DECA has events like the safe Halloween trick-or-treat. They also help Mimi’s house. Mimi’s house is a group that assists and inspires homeless youth of Casper 16-19 years old. DECA does business and entrepreneurship activities to teach its members how to run a business. 

  Any students wanting to work in the school store should go talk to Ms. Williams in room 2018. Any clubs, activities or teachers needing to fundraise should also go to Ms. Williams to help out and stock your merchandise. The store is here to serve the students and the NC community.