The Dangers and Stats of Texting and Driving

Destiny Kathriner, Reporter

Let’s get real. We have been hammered with the “Don’t Text and Drive” adds on YouTube, billboards, Facebook, and even construction signs. Does that stop everyone? Of course not. Everything that people in 2020 care about is on their phone: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, anything to stay in touch with your friends and family you’re currently not with. And what does texting and driving mean? Distractions. Distractions from the road, your own vehicle, other vehicles, and the weather. Yes, some people are very good at multitasking, but that does not make it okay, especially when the balance of life and death falls in your eyes either being on the road or on your phone. 

So, that being said, let’s talk about NC students. I understand the want to talk to your friends all the time, to check every notification that pops up, and even the desire to change your song to the next in the playlist, but you really shouldn’t. There are at LEAST 100 deaths per year just on Wyoming highways due to distracted driving (involving texting and driving and speed). If you are going to risk your own life by doing something that’s on you, but if you’re also going to risk the drivers and passengers around you, you need to rethink your situation.

Not only is texting and driving one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving, it is also the most selfish. You could take the life of someone’s son or daughter, mother or father, just because your friend asked what you were doing. ANY. TEXT. CAN. WAIT. And if you’re waiting for an important text and you hear your phone buzz, guess what you can do: PULL. OVER. 

Now, have some facts. In the state of Wyoming it is illegal and unlawful to text while driving, and according to ‘’ you can get up to $75 in fines. You also have a “3 strike limit” which means if you get caught texting and driving 3 times, you can get probation, your license revoked, and even jail time for serious offenses (such as causing  injuries or fatalities). Also, it’s a bad idea to have texting and driving tickets on your record, especially if you’re a teenager, because it may cause you (or you parents) to pay even more than you already are for your insurance monthly. It can also make you ineligible for many different insurance companies. So, if you get caught texting and driving now, you may screw up your future. 

Last but not least, from every single other car and truck driver DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!