What to expect in NCTV

Everything you need to know about Nctv from the perspective of a crew member.


Lance Madzey

all the new faces and some veterans

Aiden Foley, Journalist

     NCTV is the news broadcasting system for NC. The teacher for the class is Mr. Madzey, but everyone just calls him Madzey. Madzey supervises the class, but the show is completely student run. Our producer is Zach Nagy and our executive producer is Rioko Beagle. 

     What our producers do is assign groups and assign roles (ie. anchors, technical director, lightboard, audio, etc.). We broadcast every Friday at nine in the morning or at least we try to if there aren’t too many technical difficulties; if there is, we record it and post it as it is the minute we can, no editing done to the stream. We record on Mondays, cut and edit on Wednesdays and stream on Fridays. We have a very strict schedule to stick to, but we do have lots of things in store that take a little longer to do than our strict schedule allows. 

We try to get a live interview or live performance for each show, but that is a little difficult. One show featured author Alexandra Flowers,  Papas With Ponytails. (If you haven’t read up about her I highly suggest it because she’s lived many lives). Madzey encourages my classmates and me to always think outside the box and we are allowed to do anything as long as it is appropriate. 

     We are always changing things and trying to do new things each episode. We also try to correlate with the upcoming holidays. We have interesting things in store; we have skits already planned out, we have stories we are planning on doing, but we also have an intro and outro planned that we think is going to be a hit. All of us work so hard to make sure our audience enjoys our content, and our producers work even harder to make sure everything goes smoothly for us. 

     Madzey always has a story ready just in case one of our stories doesn’t work out. This upcoming show we’re having a live interview with Santa. We tend to get hacked by “Hoax” news or “Hox” news we don’t know but we are working on it but we think we won’t get hacked anymore so no more unexpected clips. (It is just a skit, just has a facade of a hack).