The actions of NC students affect nearby businesses

BrandaLynn Hottell, Reporter

During lunch, NC allows tenth through twelfth grade to leave campus for lunch. This is nice for the students because they are not stuck with only what the school provides and they can leave. It gives students more freedom, but, have the students thought about how they’re affecting the businesses around them? Students from NC talked about their favorite place to go to lunch. Wendys was the most popular among students, Peaches was a close second; other places talked about were Panchos, Taco Johns, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell. Students go to these places on a daily basis to get food, but students don’t always treat the places they go to the way they should.

At the Family Dollar, within a few blocks of the school, they have banned more than two kids in at a time. Backpacks must be left at the door and they will be assisted by an adult at all times. The manager mentioned that the students were driving out business due to their rude behavior and high noise levels. 

At Taco Johns, the staff said that the students of NC were good for business during lunch because they’re in a rush to get food and get out, but after school they said that kids leave a huge mess and don’t clean up after themselves. They said nothing about the attitude of them after school but did say that during lunch they are respectful and not rude.

Another gas station only about two blocks from the school called City Pump is run by a couple. There are no rules for students going in there which means that students haven’t caused trouble by stealing, being rude or engaging in other reckless behaviors.

Many students rely on being able to go to businesses near to NC for lunch. Students need to take into consideration how their behavior affects these businesses. Students participating in actions that negatively affect these businesses could prevent students from being able to go there in the future.