The Gusher

2019-2020 Staff

Emily Conaway-Walters


Emily Conaway-Walters is a freshman at NC. She enjoys spending time with her friends and sleeping. For hobbies, Emily plays basketball....

Destiny Kathriner


Destiny has been a member of the Gusher team for almost 2 years.  Destiny enjoys reading, and spending time with her dogs, taking them for walks, teaching them tricks, and playing fetch or tug-of-war....

Laurel Bell


Laurel Bell, returning to the Gusher staff for her second year and ready to wow the minds of many as a senior. She enjoys mystery and digging deeper into things that are commonly  misunderstood. Her favorite things to write about...

BrandaLynn Hottell


BrandaLynn is a sophomore at NCHS who enjoys eating chocolate and writing. She is always trying to brighten peoples days and show them that there are people who care. She displays this in her articles by covering a great deal...

Calla Shosh


Calla Shosh, a freshman, is greatly enjoying her first year in Journalism.  An avid reader, Calla also enjoys writing for the school newspaper, and drawing pictures.  In her free time she can usually be found lost in a book...

Aiden Foley


Aiden spends his time on The Gusher staff finding unique articles and reviews of the music and entertainment industry. Aiden has been a member for three years and enjoys spending time with his journalism classmates. He loves writing...

Phillip Maes


This is Phillip's second year in journalism working on The Gusher staff. Phillip enjoys writing and interviewing his fellow classmates. he joined the newspaper to write about activities and events as they happen around school....

Abby Gruner


Abby Gruner, a junior, has been a member of The Gusher staff since her freshman year. She became the editor her sophomore year and continues to lead students in journalism with creative ideas. Abby has participated in the State...

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