The next phase: moving on

Here are what some of the NC seniors plan to do in the next phase of their lives as they move on from high school.

Bailey Bonner

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     With the end of the year approaching fast, the question on everyone’s minds, especially seniors’ is “What is next?” Now if you are someone who is not a senior that answer is pretty simple; you’re going to enjoy your summer and then come back to school in the Fall. But for seniors that question is a bit harder to answer. Some of the seniors here at NC have some sort of a plan which might include college or it could be a job, but many of them have no idea what they want to do. Talking to some of the seniors, here is what they said.

     Bryant Crouse said he plans on “going to college at the University of Wyoming because it is cheap” he also said that he will be “getting a job and working to pay for college.” His plan is similar to many of our other senior plans as many plan to get a summer job, if they haven’t already gotten one, to pay for college.

     Gillen Faxon, said, “I’m going to go to the University of Wyoming, and I’m going for environmental engineering.” His summer plans will consist mostly of: “4H, FFA, and getting a summer job.” It sounds like he will have a busy summer and later a busy few years.

     While many seniors are planning to go to college for the next fall semester, Coltan Schall said, “I kind of want to take a gap year and do some exploration into who I am.” He is definitely amongst many students here who don’t know what they want to do in this next phase and that is okay. After all, seniors are only about 17 or 18 when they have to decide what’s next.

     For some others, they know exactly what they want to do. Sarah King said, “I’ve decided to go to Casper College to study psychology and pre-medicine to hopefully one day be a psychiatrist.” For Hannah VanTassel, she said, “For me, college is the next step. I am going to the University of Wyoming to study biology. I am excited to start the next stage of my life.” Both of these ladies seem to be very excited for their next phase.