Today’s Out of Control Beauty Ideals

The effects photoshopping models has on our impressionable youth.

Aiden Foley

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     Beauty standards have gotten out of control. They’ve always been out of control and throughout history the fall of one set of beauty standards just gives way to another set. Beauty standards have been around as long as civilization itself as in ancient Egypt the ideal woman was described as “slender, narrow shoulders, high waist, and a symmetrical face” according to   

     However, women were encouraged in their independence and beauty, women could divorce their husbands without shame. Contradictory  to today, a male’s ideal body type in the 1870s was being overweight. In fact, there was a “Fat Man’s Club” and to get in, men needed to be over 200 pounds. In that era being overweight meant one had enough money to splurge and get so much food that they became overweight. Near the same time the ideal females body type was desirably bigger, full figured and a cinched waist.

     Today the ideal male body type is, broad shoulders, muscular arms, fit but not super muscular; this is more of a medium between being ripped and being skin and bones. Today’s female ideal body is, flat stomach, ‘healthy’ skinny, large breasts, large butt, used to be thigh gap but more recently having no thigh gap is a dream. In general a more fuller figure is trending recently.

     Even though having a fuller figure is ‘in’ and not being super toned and muscular is ‘in,’ it seems like not all magazines have gotten the memo. Models who do nothing but go to the gym and diet still get Photoshopped. They Photoshop their thighs and stomachs to looked more slim and toned, their chest to look bigger and their butt to also look bigger. This is done even though they looked beautiful before the Photoshop. The male models who constantly workout and diet get Photoshopped to look more muscular and toned even though being the perfect medium is what’s trending in this day and age.

     The people who photoshop these already very attractive models don’t understand the young, impressionable teens they market their magazines towards. Even adults who have always been insecure will look at one of these magazines and think, “That’s what I should look like.”

     Sure they may have social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. and see that lately having a full figure is what girls are totally okay with and wanting to have. Or, not being super muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger is what guys are going for. But we can all agree that sometimes social media can be deceiving and/or misinforming. The “perfect medium” trend has been going on for a year or two now. I think we can all agree that magazines need to get with the times and figure out that we’re tired of all the fakeness and the Photoshopping. We want to see the real people behind the Photoshop.