2019 WYTOPP testing at NC

NC freshmen and sophomores completed the most anticipated tests of their school years.

Isabella Tillet

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     Freshmen and sophomores at NC just finished up the WYTOPP testing. All of the sophomores went with their Orange A block teachers to test unless they had an elective A block. This year the results of WYTOPP were weighted heavily because students were able to earn the privilege of extended lunch periods and other incentives by scoring proficient in the subjects tested.

     Jadin Smith was interviewed about his testing experience. Smith enjoyed the time given because it ensured that every student had time to finish the test. Smith thinks that he definitely improved from the beginning of the year. One negative of the testing situation for Smith was that he said he would like the testing to be more towards the end of the year because he feels like he didn’t get the chance to show everything he learned throughout the year.  

     According to Christopher  Dresang, Assistant Principal, this year was the best year of testing so far NC has had for the WYTOPP. By testing three days for WYTOPP it saved the school much more time for makeups.   

     “Test scores actually went up 20% throughout the whole school which is amazing because if you showed growth, you will get the incentive Mrs. Harris talked about. Because of the dramatic growth, the incentives for next year will be phenomenal.”   

      Mr. Dresang was asked what he would change in the testing, “I would change math to start with, and then the next thing would be implementing a school wide writing policy. We have to get our writing better, that’s the next lowest category.”

     The only area the school didn’t show as much  improvement was math. This could be attributed to the fact that many students are not tested upon what they learned this year. For example, all sophomores on advanced math tracks who learned Algebra II this year were still tested upon Geometry as it is considered to be the standard level of math for tenth graders. For these students on advanced math tracks it meant that they had likely learned most of what was tested on the WYTOPP, and just needed to review before taking the test. However, the situation is even more difficult for students who are below grade level in math because they have never learned what is tested upon. This means sophomores taking pre-Algebra were tested on geometry, which is two math classes above what they have been learning.

     Participation on testing also improved this year, putting NC in a positive light with the state.