Face to Face: Is the current school schedule satisfactory?

An exploration of the pros and cons of the Natrona County School District schedule and what is in store for the 2019-2020 school year.

Bailey Bonner and Phillip Maes

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PRO- Phillip Maes

     Natrona County School District has a system that works almost perfectly. Kids have enough time to enjoy their summers while still being able to retain the knowledge they learned in the previous school year.

     Students in Natrona County are in school 180 days and are out of school 185 (including weekends) days. I think this is plenty of time to spend with your family and friends to do whatever you need to do.

All students develop differently, but I think our system works best for everyone.

     During the summer, students may forget little things, but then after the teachers start getting back into the swing of things, students are often able to bring out all the knowledge that they learned the previous year. NC teachers have a really good method of leaving off where the next teacher is going to pick up. This is good for many reasons: one reason is teachers know what you’ve already learned so they don’t repeat the same lessons.

     I don’t think the length of summer break should be any shorter or longer. A longer break wouldn’t be good because it would give kids longer periods of time to get into trouble and be places they shouldn’t be. A lot of kids say they can’t wait for summer, but then around the end of summer kids start missing their friends and classes and are ready to start back up again. Our current situation is almost the perfect schedule: kids have enough time away from school and at school.

     When kids have too much free time they forget a lot of knowledge they learned and developed.  Summer break shouldn’t be shorter either because if we start too early kids won’t have enough time to do all the stuff they can’t do while school is in session.

     A lot of kids like how we have 3 months off for summer. They get to stay the night with friends and get to stay up late, but when school starts they get out of that routine within a week. If we had a longer summer that could take a lot longer to get kids out of it and back on task.

CON – Bailey Bonner

    The school schedule has always been a conflict of interest. Whether you are a student or just a parent, the time school starts and ends has an impact on your schedule. The debate on whether school should start later in the year has been discussed a lot. While many people say they would like to keep it the same because they are tired of changing the schedule, some say that they would like for the school year to either start earlier or even later in the year. There are, of course, benefits to either, but school starting earlier would be a lot better for many different students and of course there is the whole “you get out of school in May argument” that many students advocate for.

     Currently the school starting time is after Labor day and the ending time is about the first week of June, but this causes problems. The current schedule conflicts by about a week or possibly more with Casper College which makes it hard for BOCES students to actually have a break when either school goes on break. Such as, during the high school spring break, the college is in session which makes going on a vacation with family and/or friends difficult. And that just does not seem fair.

     There are also some who miss the schedule that had us starting  in August and ending for summer break by about the end of May. The benefit to this has a lot to do with the weather in Wyoming.

     Weather in Wyoming is highly unpredictable, one day it can be sunny outside and really warm and the next it can be in the thirties with cloud cover. So when school starts after Labor day the weather is still usually pretty hot, but in August it is really hot. Now you wouldn’t think of that as being important, but for some students who can’t rely on have air-conditioning or a cool place to go, August can be a really terrible time to not be in school. Though being in school when it is sunny outside stinks and most of us dread coming back to school as it is, it would benefit us to be in school during that earlier time.